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JD's PC Gaming Teamspeak   
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Krimzon: I'm only getting a 2kbs download for tonights maps, JD. I've checked everything I can, it's not on my end.
05-01-16 6:49pm
Oromis: There's currently a hacker on the W@W server named Squishypimp. I took recordings to prove it.
04-14-16 9:16pm
JusticeDevil: Good to hear from you. I will be on teamspeak if you need password just pm me
03-07-16 11:39am
mercJason: Hey guys I know i havnt been on in almost forever but im on leave right now, so ill be hoping on about sunday night to play some games now that im away from Fort Bliss
03-06-16 12:18am
JusticeDevil: Hi Marco...Sorry about your all will be in my prayers.
02-20-16 9:52am
ToastyMarcov: I remember those days JD, dumbazz and I were doing the pounding though... I seem to miss when your server has folks in it. Hope things are well on your end. My youngest has been in the hospital for the last four days so we're waiting it all out.
02-20-16 1:56am
Krimzon: Ooooooo, special events!
01-04-16 9:26pm
Krimzon: Sorry I bailed JD, I got spawn killed prob as much as you, and then it spawned me directly in the dog pack 5 times, and then i got headshot like 4 times in a row from some guy Ive never seen, so I just left rather than make a scene.
01-04-16 8:02pm
JusticeDevil: Oh well it happened and to be honest I was not angry just disappointed. Maybe PB should take a look as to why their server does not have a lot of traffic. That kind of play will drive players away.
01-02-16 1:01pm
Krimzon: I agree, I made a FB post about sportsnamship and gamesmanship a little while ago. My own team made me angry tonight.
01-01-16 11:34pm
JusticeDevil: The concept is called "sportsmanship" your team has the other team beat just backoff you don't need to pound another team into the dirt.
01-01-16 10:36pm
Krimzon: Im trying to help people understand the point you're making in the server JD, but a lot of people dont seem to understand the "team game" concept, their own score is all that matters to them.
01-01-16 8:51pm
Exterminator: Happy New Year
12-31-15 11:33pm
Krimzon: JD, I'm stuck on "awaiting connection" when trying to join the server, I have no idea why.
10-26-15 7:45pm
Krimzon: I guess that means things are going well, lol.
10-20-15 6:37pm
10-19-15 4:07pm
Krimzon: How are things, JD?
10-18-15 6:00pm
mercJason: Bye Guys was nice playing MOH with you the past few weeks ill be back December 18th-19th ish talk to you then
08-30-15 10:46pm
mercJason: Holy moly its been a good while since i been on here, I leave for bct on sept 1st ill be sure to jump in a few games of MOH before I leave!
08-16-15 8:55pm
Devilaza: Hazzzaaa!! anyone in tonight?
08-12-15 6:42pm
Major_A: Bazinga!
07-07-15 7:54pm
07-04-15 10:25am
mercJason: Hi all
06-18-15 2:07am
06-01-15 5:59pm
JusticeDevil: Yeah I remember....How you been?
05-29-15 11:16am
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