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JD's PC Gaming Teamspeak   
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Shout Box History
Boogieman: It's dead here!
04-18-21 9:47pm
Krimzon: Happy Holidays everyone
11-24-18 12:50pm
VIPER: I 'm still around you all !
11-09-18 12:58pm
CdnScope: Boo!
07-05-18 10:38pm
05-22-18 6:38pm
Jason: Hello All!
05-20-18 6:50pm
Krimzon: Happy Holidays, fellow gamers. I hope you have fun with friends, fmailym and of course games!
12-15-17 3:52pm
Krimzon: 'Ello, fellow gamers.
08-15-17 4:49pm
CdnScope: Hello all! Hope you are all enjoying your summer!
07-26-17 9:27pm
JusticeDevil: Hey! I hope all is well with you!
03-23-17 6:49pm
[merc]dr_cherry00: Hello All!!! Hope everyone is having a good day!
03-22-17 9:49am
JusticeDevil: Merry Christmas to you also Gump!
12-18-16 9:15pm
Private_Forest_Gump: Merry Christmas
12-18-16 6:57pm
10-12-16 4:37pm
Boogieman: Hope ur dya goes better JD!
08-24-16 1:03pm
JusticeDevil: Leave me out of this!
08-19-16 7:01pm
Boogieman: Wow, talk about dead!
08-19-16 6:58pm
JusticeDevil: Hey
07-02-16 6:22pm
Jason: hey guys is the devil himself im working on getting some time warner so when i get that i can play with yall again! btw. the infantry life is "great" haha
07-02-16 12:21am
CdnScope: Wassup!!!
06-15-16 8:17pm
Boogieman: Howdy everyone
05-26-16 9:18am
Krimzon: glad to know i wasnt imagining dying over and over as i spawned, JD.
05-04-16 7:26pm
Krimzon: Lol, JD.
05-02-16 7:55pm
JusticeDevil: Tobee needs to check his redirect in config file. You probably were downloading mod from his server. So to put in terms I like....not my problem.
05-02-16 6:57am
Krimzon: i downloaded from the site, but then when i wne tinto the game, it started a download for the mod.
05-01-16 10:38pm
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