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JDs PC Gaming Community Site :: View topic - Tired of Politics!
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Tired of Politics!

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:35 pm Post subject: Tired of Politics! Reply with quote

I normally do not like to get into these type of conversations but I am sick of the extremism and hate! First I did not vote for Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump during last election. I consider myself a moderate that leans right. So here is my opinions on the state of our government and the stupidity coming out of Washington DC.

1. Enough already with investigations into Donald Trump! In two years nothing has been found let it drop and start doing your jobs and that is Legislating! Democrats you loss the election get over it and show us you can do what is good for the country not this constant talk of impeachment and investigating!
2. We have an immigration problem pure and simple. Fix the laws! People need to come into this country legally!  An open border is like leaving your front door of your home open for people to just walk in!
3. The Electoral College needs to STAY!!!! It was put in the constitution so that high population areas would not control country and rural states would have a say.
4. The United States is a REPUBLIC not a democracy! The states are to have more rights and federal government is supposed to be weaker. Health care, social programs and race issues should be handled by the states as they can better meet the needs of the people that live there. Every person and state has different needs. One size does not fit all.
5. Socialism does not WORK! The younger people in this country and the extreme liberal wing are pushing this agenda. The government can only take money it cannot earn money. The first instance of socialism failing was in the ancient Greek Empire. It led to its fall. Then came Roman Empire, Soviet Union, and now Venezuela. Just to name a few.
6. The big lie is rich don't pay enough taxes. Well they may not but that is because unlike most people that receive a paycheck the rich's money is in stocks and bonds. Until they sell stocks or bonds do they pay any taxes or they go broke if the stocks crash. This is being used as class old trick of socialist.
7. Medicare for all is a joke. Medicare does not pay crap and you are left holding a big bill! Most of my wife's medications are not covered by medicare. This country can't afford it! This should be handled at state level anyways in order to meet the needs of people in different places of the United States.
8. Reparations to decedents of Slaves. Why? The Union Army spilled blood during the Civil War which led to freedom of the slaves! There was not just black slaves there was also Irish and Chinese slaves....why are these not being discussed. They are just trying to buy your vote and DNA! Once the government has a sample of your DNA they own you.
9. The court system is a check and balance to the Legislative and Presidential wings of the government. It is meant to interpret laws, judge and protect the constitution. It is not supposed to make laws nor deal with social issues. It is just supposed to judge laws and constitution.
10. Break up Amazon and others per one presidential candidate. Why??? Last time government broke up a big business, Ma Bell, the people got screwed! Worse service and higher cost. Government keep hands off!
That is just a few thing that have me highly irritated. Now here is what maybe should be done!

1.The infrastructure of this country in bad need of repair and upgrading. Bridges, highways, gas lines, water systems, sewer systems and electrical grid all could use repair and improvements! So where is the legislation?????
2. Fix the immigration laws! Also people that want open borders because of these poor people coming in our southern border....I say you go to their country and help them!! Those countries will never improve unless they stay there to make it better!
3. Fix the Veterans Administration! Veterans have sacrificed for this country and we can't even take care of them! Shame on you Congressmen and Senators!
4. Stay out of social issues!! Let states deal with those problems!
5. Set term limits for Senators and Congressmen! Some of these people are so out of touch with society, that all they are concerned about is keeping their job by coming up with hair brained ideas!
6. Hollywood stars STAY OUT OF POLITICS! You have no clue on what happens to people outside of your little closed world. By the way the shows and movies you folks do are for entertainment and do not represent the real world and life of the everyday Joe Shmoe!

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