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JDs PC Gaming Community Site :: View topic - Something Not Right with Battlefield 5
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Something Not Right with Battlefield 5

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Author Message
MG Member Frequent User

Joined: Jul 12, 2007
Posts: 101

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 4:24 pm Post subject: Something Not Right with Battlefield 5 Reply with quote

Since the last update on Battlefield some things have changed and not for the good! I will first list what I have noticed and friends I play with have also noticed.
This is for Conquest game style only!

1. The games no longer balanced one team totally dominates with final score 200+ above losing team.
2. Losing team often pushed into their spawn area and slaughtered.
3. Sometimes taking extra long to get into game.
4. When losing weapons much weaker. When winning weapons more powerful.
5. No matter where you spawn when on losing team the enemy is there.
6. No matter where you spawn on winning team you have to run forever to find somebody to shoot.
7. On one server played as British and kicked other teams butt, next three maps were German and we gut crushed.
8. Bouncing betties now worthless. Almost never kill anybody.
9. No weapon in the game is historically accurate. Since when did Spitfires carry bombs in 1941 or 1942? Same with Me109.
10. Invisible skins glitch!
11. No switching sides as before. If you start out as British or German more than likely each map you will be same side. Sides don't change often like before!

Now that is just a few things noticed but last night something happened that may have clinched they have made the games fixed!
I noticed last night after we won a game as British by a landslide that on next three maps we were German and we were getting slaughtered. We were constantly pinned in Spawn and took whole clips to kill anything, (When we were British the opposite was true). I started typing in the games were fixed and pointed out my observation. A player on my own team called me retarded and again I gave the examples pointing out how the games were fixed for one team to win over and over, the server immediately was shut down! We went to another server and it was basically the same thing only Germans could not lose, lopsided scores,ect.......

EA/DICE are manipulating the server configs and fixing the games! They can use the matchmaking to push certain players to winning teams or losing teams. I would bet if I stated buying skins, weapons, ect.. by buying their currency I would be put on winning teams more often! Better yet renting their cheats would get me that too! In last 5 days of playing I have been on winning team 3 times out of an average of 5 maps a night so....I am 3 and 22. Yes I have not bought any of their currency nor rented their cheats!

In closing this may be the last multiplayer game I ever buy from EA ever again!

Oh if any one thinks I am a novice gamer think again. I have been playing since Medal of Honor Spearhead came out, ran a gaming clan, ran a dedicated server box, rented games and setup games on servers. Played MOH SH, MOH Pacific Assault, MOH Airborne, COD UO, COD 2, COD WaW, Star Wars BF2 (the original) and ran servers for all those games! I do know how it can be done to manipulate servers, configs, mods and weapons! I have almost 20 years of online gaming under my belt.

Last edited by JusticeDevil on Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:18 pm; edited 1 time in total
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MG Member

Joined: Jun 08, 2013
Posts: 7
Location: Serena Illinois

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 5:01 pm Post subject: Re: Something Not Right with Battlefield 5 Reply with quote

I agree 1000% percent, EA games in my opion is commiting fraud. Games are predetermind who will win the battle, weapons are not correct to historical facts since when does a stag hound take a Tiger with 3 shots. Look up the facts of weapons an armor and as far as the planes it's just unreal. I was on the same server as JD an observed the same things, I DON'T BUY THERE EXTRA WEAPONS OR THERE CHEATS IN ORDER TO WIN. THESE CHEATS WHERE OUT THERE BEFORE GAMES WHERE RELEASED SO HOW DID THESE CHEATS COME ABOUT BEFORE GAMES RELEASE, HMMM SOME ONE WORKING FOR THEM !! I WONT BUY IT IS JUST PLAIN GREED BY THEM AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED AN TEACHING TO CHEAT. THIS COULD BE REMEDY . THIS WILL MOST LIKELY BE THE LAST EA GAME I WILL BUY IF THEY DON'T GET THERE ACT TOGETHERE.
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